Add or update DRS billing or owner code

Read the instructions and then submit a ticket with your owner/billing code request using the link at the bottom of the page.

Consult the DRS Owner FAQ for more information about object owner responsibilities. For a list of existing billing codes for your organization or to change the 33-digit account number associated with a billing code, log in to DRS Web Admin and look under Account Management > Owner Accounts.

For further assistance or to request a new DRS owner or billing code, please submit a ticket using the link below. You must include the following information in the ticket:

For new owner codes or owner code updates:

  • Library or University unit
  • Owner contact's first and last names
  • Owner contact's HarvardKey email address

For new billing codes in an existing owner code, or for existing billing code updates:

  • Do you already have an existing DRS owner code?
  • 33-digit billing code (a Harvard budget string)
  • Should image captions be turned on for this billing code? (optional -- users may activate captions at deposit if needed)
  • Preferred billing code name (optional -- if none is supplied, LTS will create one based on the project description)
  • Project description (1 or 2 sentences)
  • Billing contact name and HarvardKey email -- at least 1 is required
  • Project contact name and HarvardKey email (optional, additional person to whom quarterly billing reports will be sent)

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